Dalila Kovacs

Associate Professor of Chemistry
355 PAD, Allendale, GVSU
Dalila is one of the team leaders that designed and developed the Michigan Green Chemistry Clearinghouse, a virtual hub for green chemistry resource meant to advance the adoption of green chemistry in multiple sectors throughout the state, a project supported by the MI Governor’s Executive Directive 2006-6 “Promotion of Green Chemistry for Sustainable Economic Development and Protection of Public Health,” the Michigan Green Chemistry Roundtable, and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality

Since her appointment (03) at GVSU, a primary undergraduate institution focused on the quality of the undergraduate education provided, Dalila worked actively toward including green chemistry in the curriculum. Her efforts materialized in two courses, Green Chemistry & Industrial processes for chemistry majors, and Introduction to Green Chemistry for freshmen. Under her leadership, the department designed a ‘Certification in green chemistry’; first student graduated in 2011. GVSU’s efforts for curricular integration of green chemistry were rewarded with the Michigan Green Chemistry Governor's Award-Education in 2009.

Key Words:

Green chemistry Sustainable Industrial Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Blended Learning, Green chemistry in high school science education

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